Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Lee!

This boy brings me more joy that I could possibly record. Here are a few funnies from him this week.

While watching the Titans game, a player for the Jaguars named Garrard made a touchdown. Lee saw his jersey and said, "Mom! Look at that man's name. It is Grrrrr!" With it being in all caps (GARRARD), it did look like GRRRRR.

While getting ready for school one day this week, I overheard him tell Wade, "I'm sorry I can't play with you right now. Mom says I have to wear clothes to school today."

In the past 3 days, our church lost 3 members. An elderly couple was murdered, and a 10 year old little boy died after battling a disease. Obviously our church service was emotional this morning. Normally, I prepare Lee when I know in advance that things will be different. I did think about it ahead of time, but I guess I wanted to shelter his innocent heart a little longer from knowing that bad things like these happen. As the service began, and emotions were high all around us, I encouraged Lee to start an activity from his backpack. (Usually, he isn't allowed to get an activity out until the sermon begins.) He got something out, but I could tell that his ears were tuned in to what was being said. Immediately, my mind started racing trying to prepare my answers to his questions that would surely come. After the service, we went to Sunday School, and I was thankful that I had an hour to get my thoughts together. When we got in the car, I was ready. I didn't want to be caught off guard later on, so I started asking him questions about Sunday School, hoping it would lead to his questions about the church service. He told me all about the fun things they did and what they'll be doing to prepare for Christmas. After he didn't bring it up, I decided I would. So I asked him if he had any questions about church. He looked wide eyed and said no. I was relieved that he wasn't as tuned in as I thought. We continued to talk about church, the Christmas decorations, Lottie Moon, etc. I reminded him how blessed we were to have such a beautiful church and a nice warm house to go home to, heat in our car, coats to wear, etc. He added to the list of things we were thankful for, and all was well. A few minutes later, his little voice said, "Mom, I'm roasting back here. Can you turn down the blessed heat?" And to think I did all of that fretting over nothing!

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  1. Blessed heat. That just made me smile and tear up at the same time! Kids are wonderful.

    It's no wonder the Bible talks about having the heart of a child.