Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas in Collierville

We spent the night with Mom and Woody on Friday night, and the Coles joined us on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. Mom cooked a feast this year, and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of it! Not that I think any of us will ever forget when she dropped the entire pan of chicken and dressing on the floor as she took it from the oven. Luckily, it landed on its bottom and none was lost. I think if it had landed on its top, my brother and I would have just gotten spoons and eaten it off the floor. It was that good! She was a good sport about it and took the teasing from us in stride the rest of the day.
Time for presents! Let's get this party started!
Mom instructed the kiddos to choose a present to open first. Look at how patiently they're sitting, waiting for their turns.
That didn't last long! Soon, there was paper flying in every direction.
Lee got a remote control car that he L-O-V-E-S! He has practiced with it in the house a little, but he really can't wait to take it for a spin outside.
All 3 big kids decided they needed to open one present together.
Lee can't get enough Toy Story 3!
Wade waited patiently for his turn. He tried so hard to open his own presents.
Then he got distracted and just wanted to chew on the paper and boxes.
He was so cute and seemed to understand that he was getting toys. He would get so excited when the paper was off and he could see what was on the box.
Honey and I got presents too. The biggest box was for me, and the kids could hardly stand it. Since I was taking pictures and helping Wade, I was the last one to open my gifts. Boy were they all disppointed to find out that it was a vacuum cleaner! We all got a big laugh out of their reactions. Gracie kept saying, "Is that really what it is?"
I like how Wade looks like he is handing Mom her gift.
He was having the time of his life!
Daisy was not enjoying her company so much. She was kicked out of her bed, chased by 3 wild kids, and was put outside during present time. I'm sure she breathed a sigh of relief when we all left so she could get her house and parents back all to herself.
I gave Wade a candy cane to hold to entertain him. I realized after a few minutes that he had chewed through the paper, so I took the rest of the paper off and let him have at it.
He loved every lick and was a soggy, red, sticky mess after about a minute.
Here are the 4 angels after a fun day together!
Brylie couldn't wait to get her hands on Wade. She was pretty disappointed to learn that he didn't want to be held like a baby. He was content to sit on her lap, so she was happy too. Thanks to Mom and Woody for a fun Christmas in Collierville!

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