Friday, December 17, 2010

5 on Friday

What an exciting, busy week this has been for our family!

Monday-Lee enjoyed his first snow day from school. Since he, Wade, and I were recovering from our colds, we weren't able to get out to play in it. But we enjoyed staying in our pajamas most of the day, playing games, and watching movies.

Tuesday-Hope spent the morning with us. Wade went to the doctor in the afternoon for his lingering cold/cough/ear ache.

Wednesday-After an uneventful morning, the weather turned bad in the afternoon, and church was cancelled for the evening. Normally, I welcome the break, but this meant that Lee's Christmas choir program was also postponed. He was pretty disappointed.

Thursday-Lee was excited to get to take his gifts for his teachers to school today. He was glad school wasn't cancelled due to the weather. He said they are working on lots of fun Christmas crafts that he didn't want to miss. Wade was feeling well enough to venture out to the grocery. After school, we took Lee to karate and stayed to watch him practice. Wade seemed fascinated by all the moves and sounds.

Friday-School was dismissed at 10:00 today for Christmas break. Lee looked so excited to see us when we picked him up. I am always glad to see him, but my heart was literally skipping today when I got him. I am SO excited to have him home with me for 2 entire weeks! The best part about this is that today is also Matt's last day to work for the year. I won't know what to do having all of my boys home with me every day for 2 weeks. The only thing on the agenda is FUN! We are crossing our fingers for a snowfall big enough to get the sled out in. As soon as Matt gets off work, we are headed to Collierville to celebrate Christmas with Mom, Woody and the Coles.

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