Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! I love all the reds and pinks and flowers and hearts. I'm in love with love! Until this year, I haven't had many decorations for Valentine's Day. I found the cutest pink and red owls at a local store and some really cute and inexpensive decorations at Target, so I couldn't wait to decorate. Since Easter is really late this year, I decided that our Valentine decor could stay out for the entire month of February. We got the most obscene amount of cards and goodies from our loved ones, so I will use those as decorations too. We feel so blessed to have family we adore and the best friends anyone could ever want. Thanks to everyone who sent things to us and made us feel so loved on Valentine's Day!
Wade and his Valentine treats from Nam and Pa
He was really good at opening his goody bag. I think he'll be a pro at his birthday party!
Nam and Pa got Lee this super hero pop-up book. I bet I can guess which book will be our bed time selection this week.
This picture made me teary, because this is my definition of love. I love the way Wade looks at Lee. He adores him.
Two of my Valentines
Lee loves all things to do with Karate these days.
Happy Valentine's Day from the Hayes family!


  1. So I may or may not have been disappointed with the lack of pics of the owl goods! HA! Wade is adorable in his little owl Valentine's onesie!

  2. You beat me to it! We had all the same ones...shocker! We even have the same (non-owl) table runner...ha! I was so thrilled to find the owl goods. They are some of my favorite decorations ever.