Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

It's official...I'm married to a man in his mid-30's. We decided today that Saturday birthdays are the BEST. You get to drag the celebrations out all weekend. We had a great time doting on our favorite guy.
After supper in Jackson and some time at the Helping Hand auction, we came home to open gifts. Lee requested some "medicated bumper ointment" for his gift for his daddy. I found something close to that at Walmart, and it made one little boy very happy. He chose some other car washing supplies to complete the gift from him and Wade. I got Matt a trailer to pull behind his new lawn mower. It was really meant to help lessen the load when he is mulching and doing other yard work, but I think he is most excited about giving rides to the boys in it.
Next we enjoyed some strawberry cake for dessert.

Today, we celebrated at Nam and Pa's with the family. Matt got lots of wonderful gifts and 2 birthday cakes! See why Saturday birthdays are the best? What a fun weekend we've had! We sure didn't want it to end. I love you, and I'm so glad you were born 35 years ago, Matt!

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