Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movin' on up

Wade got the news today that he was promoting out of the nursery at church. He didn't take it well.
Although when I went to his new room after church to check on him, Mrs. Pam had won him over with Cheerios.
I think it was love at first sight with Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Kathy, and Mr. Dwight!
He agreed to give the nursery ladies one more chance on our way out of church. On a serious note, we truly adore these ladies. They have loved both our babies from birth and have been so sweet and loving to Matt and me. Our church is beyond blessed to have such a wonderful group of women, who are there every time the doors open to take care of our precious bundles.
This is old news now, but since I already had my camera out on Sunday, I got Wade's picture in his new/old car seat. He is now sitting upright and facing the rear. I think he really likes being able to see out the window.

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