Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 Months

Wade has not had juice yet...until yesterday. Lee left his juice cup too close to Wade, and while I was in the bathroom helping Lee get ready for school, Wade snagged it and drank the whole cup!
The camera was right on the table by him, so I was able to catch him in the act. He was gulping so fast, and then when he was done, he threw the cup across the room. Lee and I laughed so hard at him. I guess now we know that we won't have to work to get him to drink juice!
He has changed so much over the past month. He still has zero interest in crawling, but he can definitely get where he wants to go by scooting or rolling. He wants to stand up more and more, but he isn't very stable yet.
His favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus." Here he is making the horn go "beep, beep, beep," which is favorite part. He bounces up and down and claps, so you'll do it again and again and again!
He says a lot of words correctly now. As soon as he wakes up for the day, he starts saying "dog, bu, dog, bu" and we go to let Buzz out of the garage. Dogs are currently his favorite animals to see in books. He will turn a page back to a dog, if you try to move on to another animal. My favorite new thing he says is "Thank you," which sounds like "tan too." SO CUTE! Other favorites are uh-oh, mama, dada, bubba, night night, up, go, cup, bite and cat. When I moo at him, he says "cat." I'll say "cow" over and over, but he keeps saying "cat."
His first tooth broke through today. It is barely visible. In this picture, you can see how swollen his bottom gums are. He has been a drooly mess and has been chewing on everything in sight. I couldn't even put the 10 month sign in the chair, because he kept eating it. I have been giving him pain meds at bedtime to help him rest better.
He is eating more and more food from the table. His favorite food has been green beans so far. He hasn't rejected any table food yet. He still eats mostly baby food and likes it fine.
Since it has been so cold, I have been layering a onesie under his clothes. I think he looks so cute and chubby in his onesie. He looked so surprised to see his toes tonight and started chewing on them. I guess it has been awhile since he has been allowed to go barefoot. Like his brother, I think he prefers to be naked. He has been such a good sport about wearing a toboggan until this week. Now he pulls it off as soon as he's in the car, and I have to find it and put it back on before we get out. He outgrew his little boots, so his new boots arrived last week. Just in time, as more snow is predicted this week!

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