Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sad Day

You'll remember that Wade got the boot from the church nursery a couple weeks ago. The only person who was sadder than Wade about his promotion was Ms. Bess. She made no bones about her preference for Wade in the nursery. They seemed to bond instantly. She was always waiting at the door for him and was in tears on his last Sunday there. For the past 2 weeks that he has been in a new class, she has gone over "to check on him." Since there are few babies that attend on Wednesday nights, he stayed with her then. Tonight, she was noticeably absent from her usual post in the nursery. We would soon learn while we were in choir that she had passed away. She got sick this morning, went to the hospital with her daughter, and she died tonight. We will miss her so much and never forget how much she loved our boys. She took care of Lee from birth until he started walking at 13 months. And she has loved Wade for 10 months. We are so thankful we knew her and for the many memories we have of her with our babies.

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