Friday, February 11, 2011

5 on Friday

1. Matt has been working on launching a website for the construction company. We have had fun coming up with ideas and looking through old pictures to post on it. I'll share the address when it is up and running.
2. This has been one of the best weeks of Buzz's life! Not only does he absolutely L-O-V-E snow, but he has had his playmates home to play in it with him all week. He has run and played so hard that he will have to sleep all next week just to recover.
3. Saturday is our church's day on the Helping Hand auction. We have been planning our food for a couple of weeks. Luckily the roads were clear enough to go to the grocery one day this week for our ingredients. I started Thursday with my baking and finished the final item (#13) at 10:38PM tonight. We delivered our first load this afternoon, and Matt will take the rest in the morning. This is a picture of the first load.
This is the way my kitchen looked after about 2 hours! I cleaned as I went, but it was hard to keep everything cleaned and put away.
My partner in crime was not much help either.

4. Lee was a lot of help with the baking, but he bailed for a sleepover with Paul when I mentioned cleaning. He made a heart shaped strawberry cake with Valentine sprinkles...his favorite part!
5. Wade really wanted my Sonic cup (with water in it) one day this week, so I offered him a sip. He drank through the straw like he had been doing it forever. Now he is a pro and wants to drink from a straw all the time!

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