Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Lee had a wonderful Valentine week. That's right, Lee didn't just celebrate Valentine's Day, he took a whole week! It started with another beautiful snow that he loved. After getting back into school, he started planning his party. We addressed Valentines for each of his classmates and teachers. He also got to work on crafts and decorations in the days leading up to the party.
Then on party day, he got to use a chocolate fountain to dip pretzels, marshmallows and fruit kabobs in and enjoy for a snack. He was pretty impressed with the chocolate fountain!
Here we are during the party at school.
More chocolate fountain fun. I'm pretty sure we need one of these at home!
Lee and Marly Kate
Lee, Paul and Campbell are goofing off during craft time. They made placemats out of the Valentines that their friends brought to them. It turned out very cute.
Lee is being the "quiet mouse" here with all of his classmates around him. It was such a fun party. The kids were so well behaved and seemed to really have a good time.
Nam and Pa had us all over for pizza on Valentine's Day. Lee was spoiled with gifts from them and from Aunt Jill.
He was more than a little excited! It was a fun day spent with family!
Before we went to Nam and Pa's, these 2 surprised me with their Valentines. They spoiled me with gifts and with their own sweet and personal cards. After I was finished with my gifts, Lee went on his way playing. Matt and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe he didn't expect a gift in return. We were so impressed. It made it even more special when we told him that we had a gift for him. He was SO excited.
He got some new books. This one was an instant hit, because Clifford got a new red sled, just like Lee!
He read his card from us all by himself. He also got a new movie called Air Buddies. He watched it 2 times in the first day!
Something had these 2 tickled. I love this picture.
He also had a party with snacks and prizes in Sunday School that morning. All of this came on top of him getting Valentines in the mail 4 days this week. It got to the point where he was asking when the mailman was coming! Thank you to the Grandparents and Aunt Clara for spoiling him and making him feel so loved this week. He did not want it to end!

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