Wednesday, February 17, 2010

33 Weeks

We are now at 33 Weeks along, and Wade weighs about 5 pounds or the size of this bag of corn meal. He is around 17 1/2 inches long, which is about a bag and a half of meal in length. We held the bag up to my tummy for comparison, and it looked pretty comparable.
It is a big week for Wade's lung development. His lungs and respiratory system are almost completely mature. His immune system is getting stronger daily, and he is able to fight off his own germs now. He will continue to build body fat and gain about a half a pound a week. I met with Dr. Kimberlin yesterday for a final checkup before he leaves on a 3 week vacation. He wasn't concerned at all about leaving me and said that everything is right on track. The ultra sound results were in, and Wade was perfect. (like we needed him to tell us that, right?) Please pray for safe travels for Dr. K and that Wade doesn't get in a hurry to enter the world before he gets back. We adore Dr. K and would be lost without him! We're now less than 6 weeks away from holding our precious babe.

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