Friday, February 5, 2010


This morning before school, Lee came running to get me and was laughing so hard. He kept saying I had to come and see what was so funny. When I got to the living room doors, this is what had him so tickled.
Lee, Paul and Hope made bird feeders last weekend (More pics coming on that later.) and the squirrels were feasting on them. He thought that was so funny!
At school, Lee got to help make items to donate for his preschool Helping Hand Day and thought it was wonderful. So he asked me earlier in the week if he could make something by himself. Since our church's day is tomorrow, I thought it was the perfect time. He mixed the cake batter, "hatched" the eggs and poured it into the cake pan all by himself. He didn't want to put the frosting on, so I helped with that, and then he added the sprinkles. I was busy with another dish at the time, and I was so surprised when I came for the final inspection to find his masterpiece. He was so careful with his sprinkles, and they were surprisingly uniform all over the cake. He and I both were so proud. So he is going to donate his heart shaped strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting on tomorrow's auction. I hope it brings a good bid!
Finally, we have been told by several friends that infant car seats are only usable for 5 years. Ours is 5 years old, so we were unsure if we would be able to use it with Wade. It was a purchase that we didn't necessarily want to make, but we thought it was best to go ahead and get one if we did indeed need it. So after a lot of Internet research and numerous phone calls, we found out that our seat doesn't "expire" until next year. I knew that if a car seat was involved in an accident or had been recalled, it should be replaced, but otherwise, I didn't understand the need to replace it so soon. In the meantime, Lee was fascinated by the baby seat and decided to try it out.

It might need to be replaced by the time big brother gets through with it!!

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