Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playgroup Reunion

Ever since the older boys have gone to preschool or Kindergarten, our little playgroup hasn't met up on a regular basis. Since everyone was out of school on Monday for President's Day, Jennifer organized a reunion. I was so excited and could not wait to see everyone again. And then the snow and ice came. We weren't sure we would be able to make it with the bad road conditions. Thankfully, the dads weren't afraid to drive and took us to Jennifer's.
Hope hasn't been to a playgroup since she was an infant. She made up for lost time and had a blast! Subo said she was so tired that she kept falling asleep on the way home.
Caroline held her own with the boys!
Boys, boys everywhere!
Everyone brought breakfast food and gifts for baby Wade. Even though the gifts were wonderful and so appreciated, the real gift was spending time with these girls for a couple of hours. I had the best time catching up and watching the kids play together. They have really grown up over the past few months. (the kids, not the moms-ha!)I don't think there was one argument or tear shed.
Harrison has the best smile!
I think he was giving his little sister a nudge down the slide.
Lee was teaching Alexis the wrong way to slide!
Obviously the slide was a big hit! There was always a traffic jam at the top.
Katie and Caroline
Baby Andrew is the newest member of the group. He was being entertained by Caroline. He was the best baby and just smiled and looked around the whole time. He and Wade will be in the same class in school.
Lee got a big brother present too. It was some accessories to go with his Batcave. All the little boys wanted to open them right then and play with them. I see lots of Batcave purchases in the future!
Here are the Moms. Back row is Melody, me, Allison, and Amber. Front row is Subo, Jennifer and Katie.
Here are all the wild Indians minus Andrew, who was happily swinging in his jumperoo. Back from left is Jack Butler, Jack Shackelford, Harrison, Caroline, Bennett, & Alexis. Front row is Clayton, Hope, Caleb, Lee and Paul.
I went to the kids' rooms to help clean up, and this is what I found. The girls were laying in their "boats."
It was such a fun morning catching up with everyone. I had the best time bringing Wade's new goodies home and putting them in his room. You all are so good to us. We love you and appreciate your friendship so much!

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