Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just like his big brother

We had our 32 week ultra sound this week and got to see baby Wade for the last time before his birthday. He was very active and was waving his arms nearly the entire time. He is in the head down position with his little bottom sticking straight up and out. Lee thought this was particularly funny. His heart rate was 132, and we got confirmation that he is indeed a BOY! (Now maybe those nightmares will stop!) There isn't a way to accurately measure his length since he is in the fetal position, but we found out that he weighs 4 pounds and 14 ounces. The tech estimated that he would weigh close to 10 pounds if he went full term. Since we have our delivery scheduled for 39 weeks, she thinks he will be between 8 1/2-9 pounds. His head was measuring 2 weeks ahead, which was no surprise considering his family history. (No offense Hayes men!) She also showed us his hair. She said that it appeared to be pretty long on his neck. I laughed and said that was the only thing that was different from his brother. When I told Subo about it, she said that Lee had a lot of hair in the back at birth. I didn't remember that, so I got out a newborn picture for comparison. Sure enough, Lee had lots of hair in the back at birth! So it sounds like Wade is right on target to be a spitting image of his big brother. Matt even thinks he looks like him in the ultra sound picture. I've included a picture of Lee at 5 days old for comparison. You be the judge!
Wade at 32 weeks
Lee at 5 days (with hair!)


  1. i love your new header picture. you guys look great in the snow. and carhart's on a pregnant woman .... awesome! can't wait to see pictures of wade!

  2. Thanks Courtney! Who knew Carharts were stretchable!?!

  3. Yes Lee defiantley had hair cute!!!!