Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star of the Week

At Lee's Preschool, each child gets to be Star of the Week. The whole week is dedicated to them and getting to know them better. It is such a fun time for each child, and they feel so special! On Monday, the star brings personal pictures to share. Tuesday, they share their favorite color, favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite activities. On Wednesday, they take their favorite toy to show, and Thursday, they bring their favorite book to be read to the class. Friday is the very best day though. They get to bring their favorite snack to share with everyone, and they bring a Star Guest to visit the class. Lee was Star of the Week the last week of January. I have saved this post for a month, because we just got to host his Star Guest today. This is the fourth time we have tried to get the guest here, but it has snowed every single time! We finally decided if it snowed again, we were the jinx. When we got up this morning, it was snowing like crazy! All we could do was laugh. Luckily, it was not enough to cancel school this time, so Lee finally got to have his Star Guest visit his class today.

The Star mascot is this monkey named Isaac. Isaac gets to spend the weekend with each child, and then on Monday, they tell what they did with him all weekend. The first thing Isaac did was take a bath when he came home with us. Strep throat was going around at the time, and we weren't taking any chances! We went to Jackson that weekend, so Isaac ate at the Outback and went shopping at Sam's with us. Lee was very sad when he had to take Isaac back on Monday.
Lee and Mrs. Connie are getting ready to read his favorite book, _Mater and the Ghostlight_, to the class.
Lee and Paul are posing in front of Lee's Star board. The wall behind them has all of Lee's favorite things. Lee took his rescue helicopter for his favorite toy, and muffins and goldfish for his Star Snack.
Daddy came up with the idea of Ollie the Otter being Lee's Star Guest. He works with the Tennessee Road Builders Association and goes around to schools teaching children about seat belt and booster seat safety.
Ollie's helper measured each of the kids to see if they were tall enough to be out of a booster seat yet. None of them were, and each kid was taught when they would be big enough to get to ride in the car without a booster and ride in the front seat. The kids volunteered a LOT of information about themselves today, like some parents don't wear a seat belt, some kids get to sit in the front seat, and some kids or siblings don't sit in a booster. Ollie assured them that none of this was safe OR legal! Hopefully, they will share the information with their parents.
The kids got to do a cheer with Ollie.
Lee is watching with Mrs. Angie.
Then Ollie got a group hug/tackle.
Lee gave out gifts to each of the guests who came with Ollie.
Time for a group picture!
The day was completed with a Hayes Family Picture with Ollie. What fun!!
Ollie and his handlers would LOVE to come and visit your school or preschool. If you are interested in booking him, visit his website

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