Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sleepover Fun

While Paul's mom and dad were hard at work moving into their new house, Paul got to come and play with us. He came home with Lee after school and was thrilled to find out that we have a little tradition we like to call "Ice Cream Fridays." Normally, I just get a milk shake for Lee to enjoy on the ride home, but having a sleepover called for going to Dairy Delight for a special treat.

Lee has these play glasses that he had worn on the way to school that morning and left in the car. He put them on to show Paul and forgot he was wearing them. He got lots of laughs from everyone at the restaurant.
Wade usually gets left out of Ice Cream Fridays, so imagine his excitement when he got his own cone!

The boys thought Wade should wear the glasses awhile. He actually wore them for a few minutes without taking them off.

After Matt got home, we headed to Murray to Mr. Gatti's Pizza. It has a pizza buffet, and these 2 had so much fun picking out their pizza choices. Their favorite was the dessert pizza, though.

After they ate, they went to play games and had the best time.

We love going to this place, because the game room is small enough that you can see the whole room at once. We allowed the boys to choose their own games and move at their own pace.

Then it was time to redeem their tickets for the all important PRIZES! I'm pretty sure they spent more time here than they did playing games.

Paul decided on several small items, while Lee chose a "Bun Bomb." Apparently neither of them had ever seen a whoopie cushion, so they loved this. They giggled about it the ENTIRE way home!

I went to tuck them in and came back to this sad scene.

The next morning, we were off and running...literally! Matt, Lee and I signed up a few months ago for the Rhea 5K/1 mile fun run. When we found out that Paul would be with us, we decided he could just walk with us too.

They jumped up to the front of the starting line when they spotted some friends. I was too busy taking pictures of them to notice that the race was about to begin. They took off and left Matt, Wade and me in their dust!

Since there was a huge crowd, we lost sight of them pretty fast. At each check point, the guide would give us a report that they were still together and were still running. Since we were walking with Wade in the stroller, they were W-A-Y ahead of us. They ran the entire mile, and Lee came in first place with a 12:18 time. They didn't announce other places in their age division, but we assume Paul came in second, since they were together. When they saw us coming to the finish line, they came running to us and were grinning from ear to ear. They had so much fun. After a short break, they had a t-ball game and we sent Paul home to his new house to supervise the unpacking.

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