Friday, May 20, 2011

Awards Day at Rhea

We were so excited to be included in the Awards Ceremony held at Lee's school today. Each class went to the front of the gym, and the kids stepped forward as their names were called for their awards.

Lee looks so tall to me next to the other kids in his class.
Here is Lee with a list of the awards he won.

He and Paul got a certificate in every category, except perfect attendance....darn strep throat!

Proud boys!

Lisa Todd's 2010-2011 Class

Silly pic

Mrs. Lisa and Lee--today

Lee and Mrs. Lisa on the first day of school

How funny that Lee is wearing the same outfit! Look how much he has grown and changed. I can't be too sad about it, considering Mrs. Lisa's daughter graduated from high school tonight. I feel very fortunate and excited to get to have these moments for 12 more years. I'm going to have so much fun having Lee pose with each of his teachers on his last day of high school!

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