Saturday, May 14, 2011

Desperate Times...

The stomach bug invaded our home this week, beginning with Lee, then attacking Wade, and making it's final stop(we hope!) with me. I'm thankful we didn't have it all at the same time. I don't know if our washer and dryer would have survived!

It took Lee 2 full days to get his appetite back, but luckily he was able to tell us that his tummy hurt or that he just didn't feel like eating. With Wade, we tried everything to get him to eat. He was still drinking plenty, but he didn't eat much for 2 days either.
Finally, on the third day, I was desperate for him to eat something.

A popsicle=SCORE!

He has never had one before, but it was love at first lick. He even held it the right way. I can see a lot of these in our future!

He was so happy about his new treat that he didn't mind leaving the high chair and going straight to the bath tub.

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