Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Weeks

You are the busiest baby! In just the past week, you went shopping in Jackson, to Walmart, stayed with your first babysitter, went to the park, watched Lee's choir program, went to 2 tball games, a wedding, and a dance recital! I bet you're wondering why you left the womb! You are so easy going and just take it all in. We take you everywhere we go, and you seem to enjoy seeing new things. People bragged on what a good baby you were everywhere we took you last week. We are so proud to show you off to everyone.
You are very curious and look around a lot when you're playing in the floor. You say "goo" all the time and kick your feet a lot. It's pretty stinking cute.

You are a pure joy and the perfect complement to our family.

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