Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lee's Birthday Party at Holy Cross

Since Lee's birthday is after school is out for the summer, he got to celebrate early on May 13th. Birthdays are a BIG deal, and the kids look so forward to their turn. Here is some of the fun.
Very first thing, the birthday child gets to sit in the special chair at the front of the class. The kids sing a special song, "It's Your Birthday," to them. It requires lots of dancing and wiggling and is SO cute. It is one of my favorite songs they sing at preschool. Next, the birthday child gets to tell the class his favorite colors, activities and things.
They get to invite special visitors to spend the day with them. Look who Lee invited!
Lee was presented with a Birthday Crown. He is coloring the main page, a birthday cake, to go in his birthday book. The book consists of pages made by his classmates.
They worked on the pages during table time and could do anything they wished. They were interesting!
Lee was very particular about his page.
All done!
Next, the birthday child chooses friends to represent his candles. Lee chose Thomas Conroy, Paul, Ben McCuistion, Andrew Peale, and Kenson Kyle to be his candles. The rest of the kids circled around and sang "Happy Birthday."
Next, Lee was presented with his birthday balloon.
And he got to choose a gift from the birthday box. He had a hard time choosing, but he finally decided on a Nerf ball.
Then it's snack time.
The birthday child leads the class in the blessing.
The birthday child brings his favorite snacks for the class.
Lee chose snack packs, goldfish and animal crackers.
He loves snack time, and he especially loved being table captain on his special day.
Thank you, Lee, for inviting us to be a part of your special day at Holy Cross. It is one we won't ever forget! We love you!

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