Monday, May 3, 2010

Our First T-ball Game

Wade and I were SO excited to get to go to Lee's t-ball game after missing the first one. Actually, Wade slept through it, but I was excited to be there in full paparazzi-mode! I took an obscene amount of photos of these cuties. I can't help it. They are so darn cute at this age and just learning to play. Sydney (to Lee's right) is my favorite part of this picture. She goes to preschool with him, and she is such a hoot!

I sure wish I knew what they were talking about here.
He spotted Nam and Pa on the sidelines. SO cute!
Paul is so funny when he runs the bases. He waves at us as he runs by on the way to the next base.
I just love how big he looks here.
I love this pose.
He's throwing to first, which is his favorite thing to do.
Waiting for some action
Lee and Paul in action
I love to watch him run!
He's so intense.
He's headed home and ready to slide...which is my favorite part!
And there it is....
Throwing to first again

Lee's biggest fan was awake and ready for some congratulatory cuddles after the game.
Wade is wearing his "Little Brother" baseball onesie for Lee. My friend, Allison, made him the most adorable pair of baseball shoes too. He was SO cute!

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