Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Morning Routine

Adding another person to our morning routine definitely has been an adjustment. Since we are in the final days of preschool, there is NO way we're going to miss! I try to have as much done the night before as possible. Lee is very independent in getting himself dressed, so that is a huge help. The biggest glitch is if Wade is going to be hungry anywhere around time to take Lee to school. It's at least a 30 minute round-trip, so I try to have him fed and happy before Lee even gets up. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, I just have to take a fussy baby to school with me. He already fusses enough in the car seat, so I really don't want to add to it if at all possible. While I'm packing Lee's snack and loading the car, he reads a story to Wade. Since Wade loves the changing table so much, I just take the pad off and put him on it in the floor. I did it once just for convenience, and it became our morning ritual. I'm not sure who loves it more.

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