Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Day of Christmas Break

On Monday, Matt had to go back to work, and Lee and I missed him! We've all been together non-stop for 2 weeks, so it was a hard transition for us to make to be separated again. I wanted to make Lee's last day of Christmas Break extra fun, so he and I went to lunch and then met with some friends at Studio J to paint. Lee has loved using the art easel that Santa brought him, but getting to choose a piece of pottery to paint was even more fun.

Lee chose to paint a jersey. The colors he chose for it were purple, red, orange and blue. When I asked what team he was representing, he said "Mine!"
He did put a #10 on it at the end. Ms. Karla asked if it was for Marsalis, and Lee looked at her like she was nuts and said, "No, this is for Vince Young." I think he was originally thinking of Marsalis, but when she guessed too easily, he changed his mind. He later told her that his favorite Titan is VandenBosch, so that's when I figured out his last minute switch to VY.

The front has polka dots, which I think is brilliant. Shouldn't all football jerseys have some polka dots? I think it would add some class to the sport. Wesley was not to be outdone. He had already painted his gecko, and then he had to add polka dots to it "to make it poisonous." Oh how I love boys!!
The girls were much less competitive and were more focused on making theirs pretty.

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