Wednesday, January 20, 2010

28 & 29 Weeks

Baby "Andy" has been growing and growing the past couple of weeks. He is still very active, mostly at night. He does respond to loud sounds and music. I think he is enjoying the American Idol auditions, with "Pants on the Ground" being his personal favorite! I sing to him all the time, and he seems to like it, unlike his very vocal brother, who doesn't hesitate to tell me to stop singing! We are having new shelving installed in the boys' closets, so while both rooms and closets were empty, we decided to get everything set up for him. Lee took the guest room, and we painted and moved his furniture in there this weekend. He made the transition very easily. After Lee's old room was vacated, Matt and his dad put the baby bed together and set it up in there. Next, we moved the bookshelf in and quickly filled it. After the closets are done, all that will be left to move is the changing table. I can hardly wait to begin washing his clothes and hanging them in his closet. Now, on to his progress....

Hello 3rd Trimester! At week 28, he weighed about 2.5 pounds and was 15 inches long. This package that just came was exactly 15 inches long and was about 2 pounds. I was thrilled that it was so close! He can now open his eyes and blink. His eyes have one color now, although it will likely change when he is older. (For the record, Lee's eyes are still the same vibrant blue they were the day he was born:-) He is beginning to look chubby and will continue to build fat over the next few weeks.
At Week 29, he is still gaining fat and now weighs at least 3 pounds and is 15 inches long. The blog I refer to said that he will likely double his current weight by birth, and could even triple it. I just had to laugh when I read that. Lee weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces! I don't believe Andy will weigh that much, simply because he will be born quite a bit earlier than Lee. This week, his brain began controlling his breathing, which is consistent now. He can also cough now. According to the blog, I should be a swollen mess this week, but thankfully, that hasn't come...yet. My hands and feet never swelled with Lee, so hopefully it won't happen this time either. I can't believe that we're less than 3 months away from meeting our sweet angel. On one hand, I can hardly stand to wait another minute, and on the other, I don't want this precious time to be over. Even though he allows me no more than a few hours of sleep each night, I'm going to miss these sweet kicks, punches and flutters and having him all to myself!

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