Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas with the Coffields

For the past week, the Coffields have had company, so we just got to celebrate Christmas with them. I don't think any of the kids minded spreading presents out for an extra week after Christmas!

They got Lee a Titans watch that also helps him learn to tell time. When Lee started to preschool, he told me that he hoped he learned to tell time while there. We have halfway been working on it since then, but ever since he got a learning clock & this watch for Christmas, he has come so far. I think we're really close to saying that he can tell time on his own. With almost every task we ask him to complete, he will ask how much time has to complete it. We will say things like, "You have until 8:05 to be done." He will normally get it done and keep a check on the clock.
The watch is really cool, and he loves it! He also got a movie that he's had his eye on for a month! We saw it at Sam's last week, and he asked for it again. I told him no and he would have to wait for an occasion to get it. So when we got home from their house, he asked me if I knew Mrs. Jill had already been to Sam's to get his movie. I said yes, and he said, "Well that was tricky of you!"

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