Tuesday, January 26, 2010

30 Weeks

This week, the baby has been busy making brain cells and finishing growing out his fingernails and toenails. Reading that reminded me how badly I hated trimming Lee's nails when he was a baby! I never cut him, but it was a constant fear. His brain has taken shape and is working full time to regulate all of his bodily functions, including his body temperature. With all of this hard work, he hasn't had much time to gain weight this week. According to the blog, he still weighs around 3 pounds but has grown a half inch to around 15 1/2 inches. He is really enjoying Helping Hand season, and I feel certain that with all of the indulgences that it brings into our home, he is gaining weight quicker than our blog indicates. His favorite purchase from last week's auction was mini-pumpkin cheesecakes! And what a coincidence that no one else in our house eats pumpkin cheesecake!

As badly as I feel for comparing my baby to a dog, that's what the baby blog compared his current size to...a Yorkie.
Since we don't own a Yorkie (shocker!), I asked Aunt Clara to send me some pictures of her Sammy for a comparison. Here he is being held by Nicholas, who is 7.

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