Thursday, January 21, 2010

God's Beauty

I had been seeing in my hometown newspaper for a few days how beautiful Reelfoot Lake was since freezing. I have heard stories my whole life about the last time the lake froze and how people drove cars out there, etc. I have seen it icy many times, but I can't remember ever seeing it completely frozen in my lifetime. So I knew I had to see it in person when visiting family last week, with my camera in hand, of course! I was just mesmerized as I drove around the banks. I drove and drove just in awe and looking for a good photo op. I can only say that only God could have created something so magnificent and beautiful.

This is one of my favorite places at the lake. I spent a lot of time at this park when I was little, and this is the exact place where I was baptized when I was 12. It was July 1st, so it was a bit warmer that day!

I happened upon a group of "Yankee" duck hunters, who obviously were not getting to hunt as anticipated. They were having the best time daring each other to do crazy things, like running and sliding out there. They would bet each other who was brave enough to go further, etc. They finally asked where I was from and if I had ever seen anything like this. They shared that this was a 3 generation trip that they had been planning for 2 years. I felt sad that they weren't able to get in a boat and really enjoy the Reelfoot experience, but they were having the time of their lives right then. I enjoyed being a spectator to their antics.

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