Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BIG brother!

This weekend, we had to completely empty out our closets to prepare for new shelving to be installed this week. Lee was such a big helper. I had a list of "jobs" ready for him, to keep him busy and out of the grown-ups' way. I was so surprised and tickled when I saw how neatly he had stacked his games and puzzles on the hearth, just as instructed. The best part, for me, was seeing how he paired his boots and set them up so sweetly in front. He did all of this on his own and in record time. He finished his jobs a lot quicker than I anticipated.

Since Lee's room is still painted to coordinate with his baby bedding, we thought it would be nice for him to upgrade with a more masculine room and let "Andy" take over the old room. We took a pillow from Lee's bed to find some paint, and Lee chose this denim blue color to coordinate. Matt laughed when I came home with 3 rollers and 3 pans. He didn't laugh long when he realized the benefits of Lee having his own tools. We appointed him a wall and turned him loose.
He had the BEST time, and even though we're not great painters, Matt and I had fun too. Lee stayed occupied and was content with the space we allowed him. The color turned out great and looks very masculine. We moved his furniture in and decorated, and I think it turned out SO cute! He began sleeping in there immediately and has loved his new space. Andy's room is near completion too. He has a bed, book shelf, and rocking chair now. After the closets are done, we'll have room to move his changing table up from the basement. It's beginning to look like a baby is on the way now! I'll post pictures as soon as the clothes are out of the floor and in the closets!

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