Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day Friends

Wade was so excited to not only get to have Lee home for an extra day but to also have extra big kids here. He spent a lot of time reading to them.
They spent a lot of time painting and making crafts.

Side note: Wade has been very hard on his lift-the-flap books lately. I have been running a full scale book hospital this week. He just loves them so hard!

I love when these 3 are together. They get along so well and giggle almost constantly. Ella really wanted to be Wade's favorite, but he made it well known that he was "Aba's" boy for the day.

Lee got Smurf's Dance Party for the Wii for Christmas, and of course these girls knew how to get down!

They have Dance Party for the Wii at their house. I laughed so hard at them. Lee actually got pretty good at it by the end of the day.

Wade was highly entertained by their moves, too.

Lee got himself dressed this morning, and therefore he chose shorts and a t-shirt. I reminded him that he was home for a "snow" day. So it made it even funnier when Ava Kate showed up wearing a t-shirt, too.

They ended their fun day with a "campout" on the air mattress in the living room watching movies. Their dad came twice to pick them up, and they didn't want to leave! Even though we were all disappointed that we didn't have enough snow to play in, we were all glad to have an extra day out of school to play together.

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