Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Word and Teething

On the way to school this morning, I was changing the radio station when Lee said, "Go back, Mom! That was the Zac Brown Band!" I said, "I know, but sometimes they say bad words." He said, "I already know. He says {ain't} all the time."

Wade is currently getting 6, yes SIX! new teeth. You can see the ones on the bottom in the above picture.
They have made him very drooly,

and being restless all night makes him do this the next day. Poor baby! The good news is these are his last teeth until 6 year molars.

Since he wasn't feeling his best, he didn't really participate in Story Hour much today. He pretty much sat in my lap and was clingy the whole time. When it came time for the craft, which was making a bird feeder out of pine cones, peanut butter and birdseed, we bailed! After last week's experience of eating marshmallows with glue, I thought it might not be safe to try the craft with peanut butter and birdseed.

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