Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to School

Today was rough. Lee did not want to go back to school. I did not want Lee to go back to school. Lee had to go back to school. We trudged through our morning routine and made it to school. Then Wade cried all.the.way.home. from school. "I want Lee! Go get Lee!" I saw no point in him crying alone, so I cried too. We got home, and Wade went room to room looking for him. Finally, we got our act together and made the best of it. Around 11:30, the school nurse called and said Lee had gotten hurt during PE and needed to come home. Wade had just gotten down for a nap, so I called to see if Matt was available to go get him. Thankfully, he was. The nurse at Rhea is out of this world. She assured me that he was fine, but she knew that he would be much better if he got to recover at home. (I'm pretty sure she was thinking he just needed his Mommy!) I really figured he just exaggerated to get to come home early, so imagine my surprise when he walked in the door with a swollen lip that looked like he just went 3 rounds with Tyson. Okay, that's a bit much, but he did look pitiful. He had dried blood all over his face and clothes. Two classes go to PE at the same time, and they were playing tag. According to Lee, "Some Kindergartner wasn't watching where she was going, and she ran smack into his lip with her head." He toughed it out and finished the game. He said that his friend, Hayden, told him he had a lot of blood on his mouth. That's when he started to cry, and by the time the teacher got him to the bathroom, he had swallowed enough blood to make him sick. That led to him throwing up a couple of times, thus prompting the nurse to send him home. He recovered very quickly once he was home:-)

Later as I was cleaning out his backpack, I found an "accident report" from his PE teacher. I thought that as a hoot!

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