Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Research Project & Relaxin'

For 2 weeks, Lee's class has been working on individual research projects on an animal of their choosing. Lee chose foxes, because he "wanted deer, but someone else chose deer first, and foxes run almost as fast as deer." Okay? He had to complete a survey answering questions about his animal and then turn that into an essay. He also had to complete a poster as a visual aid when he presented his animal to the class. His teacher asked that the students do as much of the work on their own as possible. First, he brought home a chapter book about foxes that he read numerous times. He had to use an internet source to find interesting facts about his animal, as well as pictures. He was very excited to get to use the computer on his own. He easily completed his survey at home, and then he used it to complete his essay at school. He typed his own headings for his poster (including choosing his own sizes and fonts-YIKES!), chose his own pictures, and printed them all on his own. The only input I had was encouraging him to make his title bigger than his descriptions. He took the suggestion and made the change. After everything was printed, he cut them out all on his own, too. Everything blended into the white poster that was provided to him, so I suggested we put the words on black construction paper. He agreed and cut that out, too. I helped him with his placement on the posterboard so he was able to include everything he wanted. He glued everything down after we placed it. We were both very pleased with the final result. Then it was time to practice his presentation. He got the giggles. Matt and I helped him get back on track. He giggled some more. We helped more. He giggled and got sillier. We got aggravated and decided to wait until he was ready to be serious. When he was ready, he did a wonderful job. I heard from his teacher today that he did not giggle, and she was very pleased with his work.

He also participated in the VFW's American Flag contest. Everything had to be done by the student, and they could not use any tools, stencils or add-ons. The only thing allowed was a ruler for a straight edge. He did use that, but I'm not sure it helped much. Either way, he was very proud of his flag, and he entered it today.

While checking his backpack, I found this bundle of "Praise Phrases." He told me that each student wrote something positive for each other after their research presentations. What a sweet way to boost their self confidence! Mrs. Kelley thinks of everything! My favorite is the one on top that just says, "I love Lee." I asked if he was embarrassed when he saw that one, and he said, "YES!"

While brother was off working hard at school, Tiny Tot was home taking it easy. I turned on an Elmo show for Wade and got him a snack while I went to vacuum. I pulled out the step stool from the bathroom into the hall so I could vacuum in there. Apparently while I wasn't looking, Wade confiscated the stool and made a foot rest out of it while he watched his show.

Really. How cute is that??

After he saw me with the camera, he decided to put on a show for me with the stool.

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