Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Today was Wacky Wednesday/Dr. Seuss Day/Read Across America Day. I had told Lee he could wear whatever wackiness he wanted. He chose his policeman costume from 2 Halloweens ago. Although it still fits, the legs are over his ankles, and I was afraid if he did anything too strenuous in PE, he might rip the seat out of it. So his next choice was his football uniform with a crazy shirt underneath and crazy socks. Perfect! His main priority was not his clothes but his hair. He had a kid on his football team with a real mohawk, and Lee loved it. He's even had Mrs. Cindy style his hair in a mohawk after she cut it a couple of times. So when he asked if I could fashion a mohawk for Wacky Wednesday, I could hardly say no. We practiced a couple of times, and much to Lee's dismay, it required a lot of hair products. He said they smelled horrible, and he would never use the stuff again...well, except for his next mohawk. Hmmm...
Here is the final product as we headed off to school.
He specifically asked for a closeup of his faux-hawk. So cute!

To celebrate Read Across America Day, Subo, Nam, and Matt (along with other parents) went to read to his class. He was thrilled to have them all there.

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