Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun in the sun

We were set to enjoy our first sunny, spring Saturday in March. Each of us was looking forward to doing something outside. I was so glad it worked out to where we got to do them all.
This guy rotated his naps between the sun and shade of my car. Pitiful sight!
Lee got lots of practice in on his scooter. It makes sparks, and until now, he hasn't been that good at it.

He's a pro now, even though it makes my heart skip a beat to watch him. Sometimes his legs look like they're getting tangled when he tries to stop.
Lee wanted to push Wade in the stroller while I went to watch Matt get his new mower up and running. When I came back, this is what I saw. He had backed his gator into the garage and backed Wade in there beside him. He said they needed a break from the cute!
Matt got the new mower out and running. He mowed up the last of the leaves. I was surprised he didn't wash and wax it when he was done.
I LOVE this picture for so many reasons. One is that Lee drove his scooter up the pile of mulch, and two is that he is so excited to see his daddy on the mower.
Taking a break
Loving the sun and stroller
Matt and Lee put the finishing touches on the wagon we gave Matt for his birthday. He hauled mulch in it all day until Lee was ready for his turn to ride.
Then he was ready to take Wade with him.
I don't know which of the 3 had the best time.
What a FUN day of playing and working outside. Everyone was dirty, smelly, exhausted and completely happy when we came in at 6:30.

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