Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

Lee's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet was tonight.
 I was so proud of our Wolves for making all of their decorations. They cut out and glued the decorations for the placemats.
 They used their last den meeting to put these fans together.
 Finally, these didn't photograph well, but the boys painted these popsicle sticks, which were then put on parchment paper and turned into lanterns.
 A certain cub scout legacy was ready for the show to get started!
 Our cute Wolf!

The Dynamic Duo
 I got to pin on his newest badge.
 They were so proud of all their new awards and patches.
 The leaders were recognized and presented with gifts.

Mawmaw was in town for a visit, so she came too! Matt and Brian have been amazing leaders, and we have a great den and pack. They boys love it. What a fun year we have had, and we are looking forward to Lee becoming a Bear next.

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