Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday Boy

 They boys and I got Matt a road bike for his birthday. I wasn't sure Lee was going to be able to contain himself until Matt got home. He was SO excited. He immediately started planning their rides together on the bypass.
 We practiced Matt's arrival and how the boys were going to have him close his eyes, as they guided him to his prize.
 I would give a million dollars if I had the video camera ready. Wade ran to the door, and before Matt was even inside, he started chanting, "We got you a PRIZE, Daddy! It's a BIKE! Close your eyes. It's a prize. It's a bike!" Matt was overwhelmed. Lee and I were laughing hysterically, and Wade was wondering why no one was closing their eyes or following him.
Matt was a great sport and was surprised. I think he loves it, but I think the boys might love it more. They were a tad disappointed that it wasn't red like theirs. I told them Daddy would like it, because it was Skyhawk orange. Sure enough, the first thing Matt said was, "I love that it's UTM orange!" That's my boy! I'm thankful each and every day for UTM and being the place that brought us together. Most of all, I'm thankful each day for this Birthday Boy! I love you!

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