Thursday, October 11, 2012

Titans vs. Steelers

 Our first day of Fall Break took us to Nashville to Wade's first night Titans game, which was against the Steelers. We went to the hotel to change clothes, and these two piled up in the bed and cuddled.
 The boys got eye black as soon as we got there and thought they were the coolest kids ever.
 Notice all the winter gear my crew is wearing. The temps were in the low 60's, but for some reason, I thought that meant we might get a blizzard while there:-)
 It didn't take long for us to come out of our layers.The weather could not have been more perfect. Some friends from Obion County joined us, which made it even more fun.
 Lee's man, Bironas, scored the winning points with this field goal. We love trusty ol' Rob! Lee told me he wants a Bironas jersey for Christmas, but after checking prices, I hope he'll settle for his old "Finnegan" jersey for one more season:-)
  It didn't take long for these 2 to crash. It was after 11:30 when we got back to our room!

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  1. Oh wow!! We were at this game! :o) Wasn't it a blast!!! Wish we could have seen you guys!