Friday, October 5, 2012

5 on Friday

I love when my friend, Jennifer, does a "5 on Friday" post about her family, so I'm going to attempt it, too.
1. Matt never wants things for himself. Honestly, he struggles with making wish lists for his birthday or Christmas, because he just doesn't splurge on himself very often. So, when he mentioned wanting/needing a storage case for his camping gear, I knew I had to get it. He balked when I suggested that we go get it together, because he thought it was too pricey. Privately, I weighed the pros and cons, and knowing it would last for years and years, I decided to get it for him as a surprise before his and Lee's latest camping trip. I waited until I picked Lee up from school, knowing he would love to be in on the surprise. We brought it home and put a sign and huge bow on it and left it in the living room. Lee couldn't stand it, and within an hour, he had it packed with all their camping gear. I was so excited too. FINALLY when Matt got home from work, the boys, with their giddy giggles, dragged him to the prize. Matt looked at me and grinned, and then he said, "Oh, I see you found the surprise I hid for Lee." WHAT????? Yes, he had gone and bought the exact.same.thing. and was going to surprise Lee with it for their camping trip. Lee and Wade handled it well and actually thought it was a hoot that we bought the same thing. So, we were off to Lowe's to return our purchase from 3 hours before.
2. So I'm back to blogging. I've been writing some things along the way and not publishing them. I foolishly let a couple people steal my joy of blogging. It took one of my dearest and oldest friends, Michele, to point that out to me and help me get my mojo back. I will say this and be done with it. If reading other people's private blogs makes you upset or feel bad, please do yourself a favor, and read something that works for you and makes you feel better. There are millions out there that will make you happy. I know I have read blogs from Moms who are super crafty, make all their kids' clothes, and are overly organized, and they made me feel like I wasn't a good Mom. No thank you. I can feel bad enough about myself on my own without intentionally punishing myself by reading that. So I quit reading them. This is intended as a resource for me to share with people who love my family and me the things that are happening with us. That's it.
3. Lee is a big reader. He always has been drawn to a book. Last week, at our school's book fair, he selected a few new books, and we have hardly seen him since then. He got one in particular that we have had to force him to put away long enough to do normal things like eat and bathe..ha! When I was cleaning up in his room, I stopped and giggled at his bedside table. He is honestly reading some of all of those books right now. I guess it depends on his mood which one he reads at a certain time.

4. Wade has been fighting a cold this week and has not been feeling his best. I've indulged him with snacks and movies most mornings. One morning when I asked him what his heart desired, he requested to "be a burrito and watch da Wizard dub AHHHz." So that's what he got.

5. I guess number 5 should be about our furry babies. They have been huge piles of laziness this week with the cooler weather. I've actually stopped a couple of times to make sure they're breathing when they're napping out in the sun.


  1. so happy to see you are back to blogging! i love reading the stories about your boys. good to "see" you again.

  2. I agree! I have certainly been missing your posts. I love seeing all the updates about your precious family. In fact, you are one of the reasons I started writing. You inspire more than you know, dear friend!!! :o)

  3. Thank you for your sweet words! I love you both!