Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Break Party

My friend Katherine suggested that we have a party for our kids and their closest friends to celebrate Christmas Break. I love my kids. I love a party. I love Christmas Break. Let's do it!
The party started with Mrs. Karen reading the group a couple Christmas books.
Then the kids helped make "snowman pizzas."
Here they are with their finished pizzas.
They made an ornament while the pizzas cooked.
They had "Grinch Punch" with their pals.
They wore Reindeer antlers.(with bows:-)
They went on wagon rides.
They played a balloon pop game where each kid wore a balloon on his ankle
and tried very hard to pop everyone else's balloon
before they pop yours.
We have very competitive children!
Ella is going to be babysitter-extraordinaire one day!
The kids played a "dirty Santa" style game with cupcakes. They were only
slightly amused when we told them that everyone got a cupcake after all.
They decorated sugar ice cream cones to make their own gingerbread houses.
They had a blast! Merry Christmas pals!

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