Friday, June 24, 2011

Lee goes to College

Lee participated in UTM's Kid College this week, which was held at PES. He chose all his own classes, and the ones he chose were all space related.
He had the BEST time and would get in the car each day chattering non-stop about what all he got to do during class. An added bonus was that the instructor was the mom of a friend from high school. And Heather took the week off from work to come and help her mom. We didn't have a lot of time to catch up, but it was nice to see an old friend.

At the open house, Lee requested that we stop for "refreshments." He can't pass up a chocolate chip cookie! We were amazed at all the freebies Lee got to bring home through the week. We had a lot of fun looking at the kids' work from the week, and Lee said he is already making plans to go back next year.

Here is Lee's biggest fan, with his newest bump on his head. This time, he was standing right next to me and just started crying. He didn't fall or stumble. I have no idea what he hit his head on. He is just an accident waiting to happen these days. After the open house, we went to see Cars 2. Lee loved it, as expected, even more than the first one. Wade enjoyed the previews and then slept through the movie. It won't be long before he is making his own movie requests, and I feel sure they will include Mater and McQueen, too.

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