Monday, June 13, 2011

BIG News!

At 14 months, Wade is finally walking on his own!

This picture was taken yesterday, and he wouldn't let go of Matt's hand even to take a couple of steps. At best, he has taken 10 steps from one person to another. That's only happened a couple of times.

Today, he took off, all on his own and walked from Lee to me across the entire living room. It happened so fast, we didn't bother counting steps. We kept doing it over and over, and then we went outside, where he really took off alone. By the time Matt got home, he counted all the way to 68 steps and quit counting. I guess it had to be his idea, and then he was ready to go. He still has to pull up on something and then walk, and he is still pretty wobbly. But it's official that our baby is now a walker!

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