Monday, January 28, 2013

Lee's Big Day

At my last eye exam, I mentioned to our eye doctor that Matt and I both started wearing glasses in 3rd Grade, and I wondered if it was time for Lee to come in for an exam. He said that one of us could just let him tag along at our next appointment.
 Matt's appointment was today, so Lee went too.
 I knew immediately what the outcome would be when he asked the doctor if he was showing him shapes or letters. To say I was crushed would be the understatement of the year. He has shown NO signs of not being able to see clearly. Our doctor is amazing and reassured us that is not "blind" like Matt and me, but he definitely needed some corrective lenses. Lee teared up briefly and then was pretty pumped when Dr. Josh told him it was time to pick out his glasses.
While I was updating Matt, who was in the other exam room, Lee had selected his own frames out of about 100 choices. (He did NOT get this from me, by the way!) The tech suggested we try different shapes, weights, and materials. He was so cooperative and did exactly as she asked. In the end, he went back to his original selection. We were all pretty thrilled with his reaction. We waited about 15 minutes for the lenses to be fitted, and he got to wear them to school. He was greeted like a rock star by the office staff and his classmates. He said the best reaction came from Mrs. Karen, who "leapt over the other kids to get to me." Apparently, she welcomed him to the "glasses club" and made him feel like a celebrity for the remainder of the day.
 He has talked non-stop about what he has seen today that he's never noticed.
 The very first thing he said at the eye doctor when he could see was "Mom, you look SO pretty!"
 I was feeling so sad for him (& myself) up until that point. Then the receptionist commented on how handsome he looked, and it was like God was right there with us in that moment reminding me how incredibly blessed we have been with our healthy children. Mrs. Barbara's 5 year old grandson has been fighting brain cancer for the past year. Needing glasses is just an inconvenience! I'll take it any day.
I just can't quit saying "Thank you, God!" Thank YOU for our amazing doctor, bright, encouraging staff, Lee's school cheerleaders, healthy children, and a boy with a wonderful attitude!

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