Friday, July 1, 2011

Beaver Baby

See this precious angel of mine?
Well, he loses his halo and turns into a beaver when he gets into his high chair!

Those precious teeth right there have done a number over the past couple of weeks on his high chair. My dad bought us a cherry high chair when Lee was born, and I immediately had visions of it being a sweet heirloom to use for many years. I don't think Lee ever took a bite out of it. However, Beaver Baby can't get enough of it. He has one particular place that he sharpens his teeth at each meal. We quickly stop him, but not before he leaves his latest mark. Last night, we decided it was time to get tough. I suggested putting something that tasted bad on it. Matt jumped up and grabbed the hot sauce. (Okay, maybe something a little less cruel!) Lee suggested vinegar. (Wonder how he knows it tastes bad:-) Bingo! Vinegar to the rescue. I dabbed some on the appetizing spot, and not only did it not deter the Beaver, he couldn't stop licking it! Next, I found some tomato pesto seasoning that is VERY strong. I sprinkled it on there, and he licked it a couple of times and then stopped. I forgot to "pre-treat" the spot this morning before putting him in for breakfast, so after his first bite, I grabbed the first spice I could reach, which was garlic powder. Not only did he lick off all the powder, but he kept licking his fingers and "dipping" them back in the spot where I put the garlic. So back to the tomato pesto we went. It did stop him, if only temporarily. If you see us out and about today, don't be alarmed at the strong stench of garlic, it's just my baby!

Out of the high chair, he resumes his angelic ways. I suppose one day when I'm a grandmother, I'll tell his son the story about when his dad left those precious teeth marks in that very high chair in which he is sitting. But for now, I'm going to keep spicing him up until he stops!

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