Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Quotes on Friday

1. Matt "Wade, use your inside voice." (This was my personal favorite.)

2. Lee: "Mom, I'm not sad that Jesus died today." Me: "Really? Why?" Lee: "Because I know on Sunday, He gets out of that tomb."

3. Lee: "Mom, can we please go to Paris Donut?" Me: "No. Why?" Lee: : They have free Wi Fi!!" Me: "What is Wi Fi?" Lee: "How am I supposed to know? But it's free!"

4. Me: "Wade, what does a horse say?" Wade: "Nay nay" **New trick alert!!!**

5. Me: "Wade, what would you like for breakfast?" Wade: "Nana." Me(stunned!): "You want a banana?" Wade: shakes head vigorously!

Bonus: "Jesus paid it ALL! All to Him I owe."

Our church had a very special Good Friday service tonight. There is something so special about taking the Lord's Supper that moves me in a new way each time. It was a service I won't soon forget.

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